Stefan Marcec

Stefan Marcec is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Au-Wädenswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Stefan Marcec
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  • Adresse Au-Wädenswil, Zurich, Switzerland
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Lic.phil. I (masters degree) in philosophy, literature & linguistics from the University of Zurich, Switzerland

EFT Trainer & Coach (D.A.CH) / (ITW)

EFT Master Practitioner (AMT)

Wisdom of the Body Trainer ( Allen Pittmans bodywork system )

Certified in Transactionanalysis (TA)

Tai chi & Qi Gong Teacher

Martial arts Teacher

Stefan has dedicated his life to the study of body, mind, soul and their conjunctions and interactions.

Spending many years studying eastern martial arts and even recieving a substantial part of his training in Japan, he had also the chance to study many healing modalities like Craniosacral work, Acupuncture and Energy healing.

When he found EFT he instantly knew that this is „his“ system. He was trained not only in the original EFT Levels designed by Gary Craig but also in related fields like TAT or BSFF.

He taught EFT in companies like the swiss national railways, EFT for teams working in women shelters, EFT for fire fighters and security personel and EFT at schools.

He works also as a teacher for philosophy and literature at a junior college where EFT is even part of the curriculum of a school subject. Stefan presented EFT on national TV, at health conferences and appeared in numerous articles in newspapers and magazines in Switzerland.

His special fields include working with teachers and students alike to prevent burnout in the teaching profession and to help students to get the best out of their school years. Another of Stefans areas of expertise is EFT for serious deseases.

In 2007 Stefan founded a company dedicated to the teaching of EFT and other healing modalities on different levels of the human existence.



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